Andrew Tate, Corruption & Church Militant w/ Joe Gallagher – PPK Perspectives

Miko is joined by fellow Franciscan Baron, Joe Gallagher. Joe is the head of Resistance at Church Militant and a great guy with a great story. They talk about Joe’s conversion story, corruption, why Tate is so popular, and Church Militant.


World Ablaze: @worldablaze

Joe: @joe___gallagher

Church Militant: @churchmilitantcom

Resistance: @cmresistance



0:00 Intro

1:13 Which celebrity would you convert?

4:27 Joe’s Story

13:16 What is Church Militant?

20:55 How do you maintain peace amidst chaos?

30:00 What is the resistance?

37:50 Why is Andrew Tate so popular?

52:42 Joe’s Advice for Moving Forward

58:27 Outro

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