Kanye, Matt Fradd & A Guide to Franciscan w/ Kyle Aubert – PPK Perspectives

Miko brings on another good friend from Franciscan, Kyle Aubert, to discuss a whole plethora of topics from leadership to life at Franciscan to the one and only Kanye West. This one was a blast, hope you guys enjoy it. Check out below where you can find out more about Kyle, The Show, and TOBET.

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0:00 Intro

1:26 Kyle’s First Impression of Miko

3:55 Hottest Basketball Take

5:07 Saints in Street Fighter

6:13 Who is Kyle Aubert?

10:20 What Makes a Good Leader?

21:47 Kyle’s Classified Franciscan Survival Guide

28:19 Why is Kanye important?

39:31 What is The Show w/ Edmund Mitchell?

43:15 The Matt Fradd Dilemma

50:11 Kyle’s Faith & Basketball Analogy

55:11 Advice for the Young Folk

59:02 Outro

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