Welcome to the place where faith, real life & the culture intersect.

There are two podcast shows at your service on this site:

"True Faith: Real Talk" hosted by yours truly. Here I deal with life and the culture through the eyes of faith.

"To Have & To Hold" hosted by myself and beloved bride Nichole. Here we talk all things marriage, family & relationships philosophically, theologically and PRACTICALLY!

About Me (small)

My background

I am a husband, a father and a son of the Most High God.

A technology executive by day, my real full time work is as a disciple of Jesus Christ. I'm the co-founder and president of World Ablaze Inc. and am a speaker and evangelist intentional about spreading the Good News.

My mission

I breathe like you. I bleed like you. I wake every day just like you trying to be better than the day before.

If you're tired of mediocrity, if you want to live a life that has meaning and purpose, if you want to be a person fully alive...then let's do this together!

"This is a podcast I can count on when I have a question abut faith and life! John is serious about his faith & knowledgeable. For those of us who want to know how to live an integrated faith life this podcast can really help."


"True Faith: Real Talk" & "To Have & To Hold"

What can you expect from the shows?

  • Publishes at least once a month
  • Segments include
    • Question of the week
    • Expert Interviews
    • Current topics & Issues
  • Available on iTunes, Google Play & Stitcher

"This podcast is awesome! Every episode is relevant and important. John does a great job taking each complex topic and speaks the truth in a way I can understand."

Joseph Hindo
Sacramento, California

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