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"John Sablan is a dynamic, spirit-filled evangelist who is incredibly gifted by the Holy Spirit. John has a deep love for the Catholic faith, and his powerful, heartfelt, and very motivating presentations will stimulate your mind and penetrate your heart. Fueled by the fire of God’s love, John’s passion and enthusiasm will motivate you to go deeper in your faith. If you are looking for a great speaker for your next event, look no further!"

"The Dynamic Deacon"
Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers

“Dynamic. Authentic. Engaging. Impactful. These are but a few words that describe fellow Catholic speaker and evangelist John Sablan, whose compelling personal witness and passionate proclamation of the gospel continue to inspire and win audiences for Christ. I rejoice in the many ways The Lord is using this young and gifted evangelist and enthusiastically recommend him to you!"

"The Motivangelist"
Hector Molina
CEO, Casting Net Ministries

"John is a passionate evangelist that can engage a crowd instantly with his wit, personality, and presence. His testimony is powerful and strikes to the heart of anyone listening, challenging them through the ways God has been present in his life and the ways that God can be present in theirs."

Joel Stepanek
Speaker & Director of Resource Development @LifeTeen

"John Sablan is a dynamic, up-and-coming speaker whose bold style is gaining appeal with audiences of all ages. His greatest strength has been in his ability to transform a broken early life into a message of incredible hope for those who see and hear him. When someone has walked the walk - and John surely has - then people will gravitate to them when they talk the talk. Book John for your next event, conference or parish mission. You'll forever be able to say that you treated your audience to a truly life-changing presentation."

Jerry Usher
Founder & President
Third Millennium Media

"John's passion and drive to light a fire in the hearts of men is truly inspiring. John has a dynamism that connects with the audience, keeps them listening and moves their souls towards Christ and His Church. As an event organizer, I'm always looking for evangelists like John... easy to work with, incredibly engaging, and approachable. Do you want to impact souls for Christ? John should be on your short list of Catholic evangelists!"

"The Catholic Hack"
Joe McClane
Author, Speaker & General Manager 
KSHJ 1430 AM

Latest Podcast Episodes

The Problem w/ CRT from a Catholic Perspective – SoT Ep.

November 27, 2022

The Sons of Thunder are back! Join John Sablan and Deacon Harold-Burke Sivers for an episode surrounding Critical Race Theory. What is it? Should Catholics promote it? Tune in and find out.#crt #catholic Chapters0:00 Intro1:10 Deacon’s Lifestyle Change11:01 What is Critical Race Theory?21:26 The First Tenet of CRT26:56 Parting Words

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Get Out of the Matrix | PPK Ep. 49

November 20, 2022

Andrew Tate, Kyrie, and Kanye serve as inspiration for today’s episode. It’s time for all of us to realize what is really going on in society. #catholic #matrix Chapters 0:00 Intro 3:30 What is the Matrix? 10:48 We Live in The Truman Show 15:09 C.R.E.A.M 22:00 Keoni’s Guide to Get Out 26:25 The Spiritual Matrix…

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The Devil Loves Conflict – To Have & To Hold | Ep. 16

November 13, 2022

To Have & To Hold is back on schedule! Join John and Nichole Sablan for a podcast centered conflict, the evil one’s tactics, and goal setting. #catholic #marriage Chapters 0:00 Disclaimer 0:31 Intro 2:12 Conflict & How the Devil Uses It 13:26 Ways to Resolve Conflict 18:36 Goal Setting 24:51 Outro

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