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Prayer & Trust in Difficult Times

Join the Dynamic Deacon and John Sablan as they discuss the approach of 2021 as it relates to prayer in challenging and difficult times. #Catholic #Catholic Prayer #Sons of Thunder

Prepare the Way

John the Dynamic Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers and the Man on Fire John Sablan for an other episode of Sons of Thunder where they discuss preparing the way in Advent, the three ways Christ comes to us and some practical tips during this liturgical season. #Catholic #Catholic Advent #Catholic Life

Pandemic & Pornography

Deacon Harold & John discuss the topic of loneliness and the temptation of sexual impurity and pornography during this time of isolation. ——————– Deacon Harold’s Tip Sheet ——————– Resources #integrityrestored #fightthenewdrug #convenanteyes

Being A Light in Darkness

Join Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers and John Sablan as they discuss the current issue that seems to be dividing America as they share their honest experience but encourage the right response.