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How to Evangelize Family & Friends

Father Jay and John discuss tips on how to best evangelize those closest to us. Saintly Shout Out: St. Andre Besset Tips:  Pray, Pray Pray Really Listen, Ask more, Talk Less – bring things to God and faith Balance Passion with Patience Be Short, Sweet and Sure  – cups not canals Don’t swing for…

Mass Matics

Join John and Father Jay as they discuss the decline in mass attendance as recent studies have shown, the lack of belief in the teaching of the Real Presence and explain the parts of the mass and importance of its role in our spiritual lives. Saintly Shout Out: St. Stephen & Holy Innocents (Correction on…

The Need to Evangelize

This first episode introduces the listeners to Father Jay Mello and John Sablan and speaks to the need for a podcast that helps with answering questions of faith and life. Saintly Shout Out: St. John the Evangelist Studies mentioned: Pew Research (religious landscape)  2014 2019 Post Christian Era (Barna)